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'We don’t comprehend the mystical relationship that exists between us and the world, and with life itself. We don’t even want to understand. We are separate and distinct from the world is an original lie on which Creation stands.'

--Inside the pages of 'Seduction of the Mind'



Seduction of the Mind is a story about spiritual awakening.

It begins with a simple, yet the most profound question: Who Am I?


Are we ordinary humans beings with individual set of fears, ambitions, desires, triumphs and defeats or are we something else alltogether.


What if we realized that our relationships with people and things in the world are certain conditions we are passing through temporarily in a much wider phenomenon of evolution.


Or rather our souls have purposely assumed the specific roles for the purpose of creation, expression and experience.

That we are crystallization of cosmic stuff.

That we are part of a dimension that is utterly inexplicable, untouched and pure, all brilliance, love and light.

That we are brilliance, love and light.

What then...

Are we ready for the revolution.

Are we ready to see through the seduction that our mind have been subjected to, by the things of the world.

Are we ready to commune with the flow of divine presence at the core of our being.



Scintillating with awareness.

Full of unconditional love.

Are you ready to have total acceptance of who you are in the present moment, not what you can be or what you want to be at some future point in time and space.

Right here and now, at the exact place where you are, whoever you are.

Any religion, race, belief system, age and gender, You can be it, by being it.

Honor the Presence in You.

Become aware of the vastness of pure Presence that you are.



You are LOVE