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Nita Goyal was always obsessed with the question—what and who am I? Not in the earthy worldly sense but in eternal sense. Even as a child, growing up in India, she often found herself wondering about the mysteries of life and the universe and her real identity in relation to the world. Seven years after moving to the United States, after just a few days of doing meditation practices for the first time as instructed by a spiritual Guru, she had an experience that defied all words. The foundation on which her mind stood just crumbled under the truth that flashed forth. In a flash, she experienced a thing vast and sublime.


A gush of energy surged through her, that soon transformed into waves and waves of love, joy, and bliss. She found herself surrounded by, and, also, part of unfathomable, expansive sea of energy that was scintillating with awareness and love. Her body was tiny points of energy vibrations and so was everything else in the universe. Nothing was solid, everything was energy, ancient and pure. Everything around her became alive, and all things were filled with brilliance.She felt overwhelming love for everyone and everything in the universe, for everyone was her only. Amazing knowledge poured on her effortlessly.


After that experience she felt an innate calling to write about her spiritual insights and experiences, and she wrote, effortlessly, for hours.


She presents them through her first book 'Seduction of the Mind'.  She has a deep desire to share the knowledge with the world and inspire others on the same path, and she feels honored to be doing so. In the process she wishes to grow and evolve as well. Her spiritual experiences have continued to grow and deepen with time—for which she is grateful to the entire creation.