You are here: AN INVITATION

I invite you to be kind to yourself.

Honor yourself.

Accept yourself.

By honoring yourself you honor the entire creation because you are part of the creation.

When you reject anything in you, you are dishonoring everything that you are, the totality of the Universe.

You are dishonoring life.

Take a journey into the vastness of your being and you will meet a tremendous reality there--You, the presence that you are.

And you will know without a doubt

how big you are,

how expansive

how pure and glorious is your essence.

It is an inexpressible adventure.

So today, in this time and space, I invite you to honor yourself and take the pilgrimage into the sacred depths of your being.

Celebrate yourself.

Celebrate your uniqueness, your messiness.

For everything is Holy.

~Nita Goyal